Scalable, configurable and customisable

Innovation in a click

We take work from the field to digital to ensure effective management customised to the needs of each client and user. The application platform is scalable, configurable, and customisable, which allows for easy accommodation and management of regulatory changes.

Integrated, modular, independent, intuitive

The platform consists of independent web modules, and interconnections are made through application interfaces.

Its modularity ensures configurability, versatility, scalability, and easy integration with existing information systems.

The modules combine into an overall consistent solution that meets the requirements necessary to manage the IACS system.

With a strong UI/UX design capability, it is easy for administrators and end-users is effective, efficient, and flexible.

Why choosing ABACO Agri


Thanks to the design of the new platform and the use of the most innovative development technologies, users have access to an intuitive platform that is the point of reference for government interaction for agricultural grants and payments.


Thanks to our robust skills in UI/UX design, ABACO Agri is easy  and intuitive to use both for government and for the end users.

“Don’t make me think”


Standard based on the latest version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, conformance level AA.


Supports multiple databases, fully scalability system, robust software is modular, uses Rest API services for ease of integration and offers multi tenancy. Cloud hosted SaaS option.