For the public sector

A unique way to manage agricultural policies

ABACO Agri is an Integrated Management and Control System software for the Agricultural and Environmental Sector designed for Central Government and  their Agencies,  regional governments and Authorities, Paying Agencies and Food Agencies. The platform provides an integrated view of processes managed by a single database containing specific information that can be easily configured for different needs.

We operate across the agriculture, land and environmental sectors.

Our solutions are aimed at:

Central public administrations

Central administrations manage CAP funding as representatives of member states or ministries that coordinate agricultural, land and environmental policies. ABACO Agri makes it possible to manage funds, digitize public policies, and optimize relations between central and local bodies.

Local public administrations

Regions manage and monitor the Rural Development Program by helping farms. Thanks to ABACO Agri, regional directorates  implement policies to digitize organizational activities, monitor and control the regulations entrusted to them.

Paying agencies

The Paying Agency at the regional level, is responsible for the disbursement of aid, contributions, premiums and community interventions provided by the European Union. These PA’s take advantage of ABACO Agri solutions to improve the management and control of all EU interventions related to the CAP.

Food agencies

Government Food Agencies are created to provide public services in relation to food from agriculture and fisheries. ABACO Agri’s solutions enable value chain management and monitoring to meet the highest food security standards.

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