Good agricultural practices

Simplifying compliance

The dedicated tool for assessing compliance with UK Government and EU legislation. The solution is integrated with the Farmer Registry and with the National Farm Dossier. The solution promotes the adoption of sustainable farming practices and predicts and guarantees product quality and safety, with accurate estimates and analyses.

Examples of specific compliance-related applications

Agronomic plan

To monitor and detect infringements through access to the agronomic plan and the farm notebook. For a simplified compilation of agronomic plans, thanks to integrations with Farm Management tools. It is the main technical tool for building an Action Program for the nitrate-vulnerable zones from agricultural sources, for tracking the legal requirements of treatments schedule designed for landscape as a preventative measure to guard against disease, pests, and nutritional deficiency



warehouses with access to reference databases

Set up

Production and constraints protocols specifications


consistency of treatments with crop plan


anomalies and acting on errors in good time




sample data according to regulations and print reports

Some specific applications related to compliance

Phytosanitary Treatments Register

The solution for legal requirements for treatments and application of fertilisers  e-management in agriculture. The data set of the farm dossier is completed by fertilisers and plant protection databases. All the information layers are automatically recorded, the treatment registry can be uploaded thanks to special guided imputation functions and uploading of data generated by third-party APIs. The register allows checking treatments consistency with crop plan and cross-compliance regulations specifications (organic, SQNPI) and directives (Nitrates) applicable to individual farm.



to all fertilisers and plant protection databases


support for uploading treatments register


the whole farming practice, from products to quantities and timing


consistency - checks and verification of user input data

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